June 24, 2021

#1Month1Goal - Celebrating Greatness

#1Month1Goal has been a mayhem and we're glad that you made it through with us!

Congratulations to our selected winners! It has been a month of ups and downs but we're proud that our community stayed strong and disciplined with one focus in sight - to achieve what they set out to do. 

Check out what the selected achievers have set out to accomplish and smashed their goal! 

1M1G - RoundUP

Club Street - Karen, 1k row in sub 4 mins

Orchard - Mathilda, Hold an unassisted handstand

Orchard Clinic - Dean, Completing 22km, 2 rounds around MacRitchie Trail

One-north - Samantha, Deadlift 90kg

Studio @ Fairmont - Jong Sheng, Squat cleaning his bodyweight

Bootcamps - Sarah, Roller-skating backwards


As a reward for their unbelievable efforts and positivity along the way, they will be walking away with five complimentary PT sessions alongside $260 worth of Bondi Vite supplements!

We are so proud of our winners along with everyone else who has participated in this challenge and achieved what they set out to do! A massive well done to our wonderful clients and trainers!


Fret not if you didn't achieve your health and fitness goal, sometimes all we need is a little push or a motivator to ensure that we are on the right path to success! If you don't know where to start or are not seeing any results with your current program, why not consider a fresh perspective from our dedicated and highly qualified coaches? 

Did we mention that we have an ongoing Personal Training Sale? Now's your chance to grab the amazing deal!


Your fitness and health journey doesn't end with one goal achievement. Strive for greatness and set more challenging goals for yourself!


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