Bernard Govin

Personal Trainer

Bernard is a personal trainer who played football at the elite level in Singapore. Driven by his desire to improve performance and physical capabilities on the pitch, he pursued his interest in health and fitness. He eventually found himself in University studying scientific data behind elite athletes. Specializing in athlete development through strength and conditioning and using a holistic approach to health and fitness, he derives great satisfaction from witnessing the transformation of his clients. When he is not training, he enjoys singing and the occasional cheese fries for his cheat meals.

With a relentless pursuit for the best training methods, Bernard’s goals are centered around enjoying sports well into his veteran years. Training is an essential life process that brings him joy, and he understands the mental and psychological benefits that constant physical activity brings.


  • Bsc Sports Coaching and Analysis (2020) London South Bank University
  • American Council on Exercise (2017)
  • PTA Global – Certified Personal Trainer
  • United States Sports Academy – Personal Trainer
  • ISA- Fitness Instructor
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