Ben Shepherd

Personal Trainer

Ben has always been active in some way or another. Growing up on a small island, he was always down the beach in the summer. He has competed in a lot of different sports; athletics, football, open water swimming and even basketball. Growing up, Ben wanted to try his hand at everything. As he grew older and naturally started to grow size and strength, he soon started to realize that he was better suited to some sports than others. So naturally, he gravitated towards rugby. 

Ben provides support, structure, consistency and dependability when coaching his clients. Seeing individuals make strides in the right direction, towards a goal that maybe sometimes that thought to be unattainable, motivates him to be a better trainer. 


  • Level 2 in Fitness Instruction
  • Level 3 in personal training
  • Diploma in sport and recreational management
  • Certificate in movement fundamentals by Fitness Playground
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