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Do you have sports performance goals? Are you looking to get fitter, faster, and stronger to move to the next level? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Our personal trainers have worked in elite levels of sport such as Super Rugby, International Rugby, Professional Football, Boxing, and Swimming. They will work with you to design an individualised strength and conditioning program to help maximise your athletic performance, minimise the risk of injury, and allow you to reach your sporting potential.


Our main focus will be on strength and power, speed and agility, mobility, and energy system development, in a competitive but always supportive environment.

We are offering FREE nutrition sessions* (worth $180) if you buy one of our Personal Training packages in October & November. Book your free consultation today!GET YOUR FREE CONSULTATION

*Only applicable for new clients with every purchase of 25 and 50 session PT packages


tailored exercise programs

Customised training program to suit your needs


functional performance

Direct access to one of UFIT’s best-in-class PTs


ongoing nutrition guidance

Ongoing nutritional support


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Access to the UFIT community

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Optional health screen

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