Anna Grammare

Personal Trainer


I have an unwavering passion to help people transform their mindset about what it means to live a healthy life, as I believe optimal fitness and wellness is achievable for everyone. What I love most about working with my clients is seeing people challenge themselves, and working with them to reset their limits along the way.”
— anna grammare


About Me

"My real passion for fitness came after I had my children, and I realised that life requires a whole lot more energy. Since starting on my fitness journey, I’ve never looked back! Staying fit and healthy gave me what I needed not only physically, but also mentally. My personal fitness goal is to achieve overall well-being - feeling fit in my body, and happy and healthy in my mind. Now I’m committed to making fitness also a priority in my personal life, as well as my career focus – I like to live and breathe it! 


My favourite quote:
"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” - Nelson Mandela

My favourite cheat meal:
The only answer to that is always chocolate!

My unknown talent:
I can ride a dirt bike & make balloon animals – but not at the same time;)

Best advice given to me:
Surround yourself with people who know more than you, and never stop learning.

My self-motivation mantra:
Your fitness is 100% mental, your body won’t go where the mind won’t push it!


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer Certification)

  • MetaFit Coach

  • Wellness Coaching Level 1 & 2

  • Master Functional Trainer – incl. Functional Mobility, Suspension straps, Advanced Kettlebells, Functional Foundations

  • Boxing Level 1