Igniting Greatness right here at AIS

Come and join us at the AIS Community gym by UFIT - exclusive to AIS parents and staff - here at school! Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter, meet new people or fit in your fitness time after drop-off, meet Oli Trotman, our coach for a first personal training or bootcamps session to see how it works for you.

Then Pick your Fit from any of our services - discounted for AIS parents - and train with your friends from school! UFIT is Singapore's largest independent fitness provider, with world-class coaches, therapists and nutritionists,  and an awesome community where you can become the best version of yourself.

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UFIT Bootcamp Classes

Take your workout outside with our 80 weekly classes - either at school with parents and teachers - or at our 12 great locations around Singapore, amongst the awesome UFIT community.  Our dynamic coaches will motivate you, get you torching calories and give you a great endorphin rush.

Choose from HIIT, strength circuit, boxing, running, metcon, yoga, rugby, beach bootcamps and more!

Contact UFIT Bootcamps to arrange your free trial!




8.30am ADP Lab (20 people max)


8.30am ADP Lab (20 people max)


8.30am ADP Lab (20 people max)


8.30am ADP Lab (20 people max)

8.30am ADP Lab (20 people max)


Whatever your fitness level, we will help you get the great results you want effectively, safely and as quickly as possible. We will assess your fitness and mobility, find out your goals and what's motivating you - then develop a program to get you straight there. 

Come and train on your own - or as a group with other parents if you find it more motivating and fun to train with others.

What is Semi-Private Personal Training?
The semi-private model mixes the best from 1-1 and group training together to get the ultimate PT experience. We take small groups, up to 5-6pax and train them together. Each person has their own individual program, they get coached through their program by our experienced UFIT coach and they train together with other motivated clients. This means that each person gets the training, program and coaching they need and we create an awesome atmosphere by training in a small group.

This style of training is NOT a glorified bootcamp, where everyone follows the same generic program. Each client has their own unique program, based on their specific goals, allowing each person to start where they need to and progress appropriately. Everyone gets the instruction they need without the awkward “someone is watching me every second” feeling.

This style of training not only allows you to build relationships and learn from the coach but from the others in your session, thus building a strong community!

Semi-Private Personal Training Option 2 x week every Wednesday and Friday morning, for a group of 2-6 pax)

6-7am (6 places available)

7-8am (6 places available)

8-9am (6 places available)

9-10am (6 places available)

Parents $600 per term (10 weeks, up to 10 sessions) can join later in term and pay pro rata”

1 on 1 training also available upon request

Get your body composition assessment with InBody Scanner

An InBody test is an advanced method of measuring body composition. Simply stand on the device and in just 60 seconds you can discover how diet and exercise are changing your body composition. By monitoring body fat and muscle mass you are going beyond the scale and seeing what they're really made of.

An InBody test can provide your staff with a detailed report outlining over 40 parameters, including:

InBody Scanner Benefits

To coincide with our Semi Private personal training programs at the beginning and end of every term we will have the Inbody machine here available for staff and parents to book. Each scan takes only about 90 seconds and you will receive and instant report printed out. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Olie or Simon. 

Simon Porter

UFIT Kids Rugby Camps

UFIT creates a safe and positive sports environment where children can make new friends and develop their rugby skills during the holidays.

  • Fun strength, speed, agility, and conditioning drills

  • Exciting team games for them to practice their new skills with their new camp friends

  • Learn from our current and former International Rugby Players and Masters' qualified coaches.

For all fitness levels of children aged 7 to 18yrs for both boys and girls. 

As an AIS parent you pay $472 per child for a week's camp (15% discount with the code "CAMPS15OFF" ).


UFIT Clinic

With our award-winning, world-class physiotherapists and movement therapists we offer:

  • Treatment for your pain and injuries

  • Massage that deals with causes and symptoms

  • Movement assessments or help with your running gait

  • Pre-natal programs

  • a Women's Health Physiotherapist for help with issues for all stages of life.

Our aim is return you to action stronger than before, and have your body functioning as well as it should! 

As an AIS parent you get a 10% discount (use "AISPHYSIOSERVICES" in the promo code) on usual pricing (unless you're making an insurance claim).


Your weight is 80% defined by what you eat, and the rest by exercise. If you want to shed some kilos,  you can:

  • join our hugely successful Clean & Lean group challenge, where our nutritionists will help you cleanse your body of what it doesn't need and have you eating really well.

Our approach to weight-loss is not about starving or pushing you tirelessly in the gym. We'll have you eating healthy, clean food that you like and target where you need the most work, pushing you safely to your limits.

As an AIS parent you pay $153 for the four week UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge, which includes weigh-ins, nutrition support, Facebook Community and four Bootcamps.  (10% discount with the promo code "AISNUTRITION").

Talk to Simon for more details about our tailored nutrition programs and he'll let you know what's right for you.

Robs shed her post-baby weight and lost 8.5kg over three months and is now training for Ironman competitions.

Meet The Team

Simon Porter

Simon Porter

Head of UFIT Performance

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Ollie Trotman

Personal Trainer

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UFIT Perks

Enjoy the very best from our Partners from some of the must visit bars and restaurants in Singapore to the very best nutritional produce we can get our hands on. Live your balanced, happy lifestyle through UFIT. 

Our Perks program is available to all AIS community members when you train with us. Please ask Simon for your key tag at your next session to start reaping the rewards.  

   UFIT Perks


Who Can Access this Program?

This unique and innovative initiative is available to all members of our school community.  Parents, staff and students have access to this program as we believe strongly in the health and wellness of everyone.  We also believe it will be a great way to meet new people and an opportunity to connect with a diverse range of individuals sharing common interests.  You never know - this program may even offer families the chance to achieve fitness goals together!

Please note this program is only available to immediate members of the AIS school community.  Extending invitations to individuals outside the parent, staff and student population is strictly prohibited.  

How Should this Program be Used?

First and foremost AIS is a learning environment for children and young adults.  Our core values of respect, opportunity and achievement is reflected in everything we do – and this program is no different.  AIS holds these values to the highest of level and we know know that every individual that makes the most of this exciting offering will do the same.  

Prior to the commencement of a training program, all staff and parents will read, accept and sign an agreed code of conduct.  We want everyone to support our etiquette expectations whole-heartedly so that our school community continues to be a great place.  

What happens if I miss a semi-private PT session?

This program is set up as a term package and priced accordingly, we understand on the odd occasion you may miss a session, unfortunately there is no chance for a make up session with this program so it is up to you to take full advantage and attend as many sessions as possible or work with your coach to do your own session if you have to miss one.

Can I Use Onsite Toilet and Showers after Training?

Parents and Staff have access to “Adults Only” or “Shared” toilet facilities and in line with our normal school policy, are not permitted to enter any toilets designated for “Students”. Suitable toilets close to the UFIT Training space are in the MPH and outside the Big Gym, and this will be reiterated to all participants at their first training session.  

Designated shower facilities for adults may only be used by staff as is the current practice at AIS. Parents must use external facilities after their session which will also be reiterated at your first training session.  Safety is our priority and our non-negotiable safeguarding practices will be enforced at all times.