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Neha Mehta

Class Coach

Neha is a certified exercise instructor and personal trainer with a background in playing badminton competitively at the national level. Her love for fitness comes from the pursuit to lead a healthy, active and injury-free life. Neha believes in bringing functionality to workouts. Believing that we should be strong in moving along different planes, given that we move in more than one direction in our daily lives. She also loves keeping workouts fresh to ensure that the clients continue to improve and stay motivated, such as including pilates-inspired core work to focus on deep and smaller stabilizing muscles.

Being fit and healthy to Neha is not just about working out but also being mentally strong to challenge herself and push her limits outside of her workouts. She enjoys chocolates for her cheat meal and is not fussy about her choice of workout music, as long as it has a beat to it.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Tools Coach
  • Certified Exercise Instructor
  • MetaFit & MetaPWR Coach
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