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Jeremy De Souza

Personal Trainer

Jeremy started his fitness journey when he was studying at an all-boys school. He played rugby, Muay Thai and Gymnastic before finding his passion in Strength training. and yoga. Now he explores on how he can blend strength and flexibility as one. Fitness to Jeremy means reinventing strength in different ways as he ages and including flexibility and mobility with the emphasis on strengthening his mindset.

As a personal trainer, Jeremy brings a variety of movements, accommodating to clients' needs whilst bringing intent and purpose to every workout. When his clients are open to new training forms and concepts, Jeremy is inspired to support their fitness journey. Jeremy enjoys working with individuals of all ages and experiences, from young kids to working adults and athletes. He specializes in strength training ,injury rehabilitation, functional training, Zuu and calisthenics.


  • 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training & Anatomy Training
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification
  • NCSF Personal Trainer Certification
  • Master Functional Trainer
  • Dual Zone Myofascial Release
  • Behavior Change Specialist
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