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Jeanette Thong

Personal Trainer

Jeanette is a personal trainer who got into fitness to cope with chronic pains due to cervical disc issues from a car accident. Being fit and healthy to Jeanette means feeling comfortable in her own skin and being pain-free. Always there for her clients to hear them out, she loves helping them reach their goals while also being a friend to them. Jeanette’s sense of empathy also mean that she is always learning something new from her clients.

Jeanette strives to challenge herself and what her body can do, having previously been told that she will never be able to squat or deadlift again – she is now working towards a double bodyweight squat. She also believes the importance of mental health and is working towards a Post Grad in Counselling to be better equipped to help her clients and others around her


  • PTA Global Certificate in Personal Trainer
  • PTA Global Fastrack
  • PTA Global Exercise Stress Management
  • Pre & Post Pregnancy & Exercise Course -Mind Body Fitness & Australian Fitness Network
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Pre-Script PSL 1
  • Muscle Nerds Program Design
  • PAI Pilates MatWork
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