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David Ooi

Rehabilitation Specialist & Personal Trainer

David is a martial artist with competitive records in Judo and BJJ, the latter of which he is currently Singapore’s national champion. He was working in a very sedentary job with long hours and saw the effect this was having on his health. This led to him deciding to pursue his lifelong interest in health and fitness by becoming a Physiotherapist. Having been through the rehabilitation process many times, his strength as a trainer is that he is able to empathize with clients who are going through it.

Getting someone back to being able to live their life normally and making someone stronger is what he loves the most about working with clients. David's training specialization lies in injury rehabilitation, grip training with highly esoteric training implements, and strength and conditioning for combat athletes – specifically grapplers.


  • BSc Physiotherapy, University of Hertfordshire
  • BSc Mathematics, University of Warwick
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Level 3 Diploma Sports Massage
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