Kettle bell Training qualification

The Kettle bell training qualification is tailored towards Personal Trainers and coaches working with all levels of clients, small groups and sports teams. The overall aim of the qualification is to refresh the basics of the essential kettle bell fundamentals whilst introducing new concepts that can be used for improving.  This will be conducted with both short theoretical talks and longer practical group settings, improving the delivery, effectiveness and hands on learning of the course.

Course content

Session 1 - Revision of KB fundamentals:

  • The swing and 1 arm swing
  • Turkish get up and accessory exercises
  • Goblet squat
  • Rack position
  • “Zipping up” Instant increases in strength

Session 2 - unconventional KB methods:

  • Loaded carry variations
  • Bottoms up training
  • Ground up training
  • Single arm pressing


session 3

  • KB programme design
  • Group Bootcamp training session


  • Ages 16 and over
  • 2 day course (9-5pm)
  • Able to perform basic kettle bell exercises (We can accommodate a few injuries)
  • Written and practical assessment
  • $390 for 2 days


learning outcomes

Once qualified candidates will be more competent in some intermediate/advanced kettle bell training methods, not only having the practical knowledge but the scientific knowledge underpinning their sessions. Candidates will have learned the safest and most effective methods to build up their Kettle bell toolbox of exercises and more importantly how and when to use them. Lastly, they will experience a real-time large group session using only kettle bell and bodyweight exercises, this knowledge is key in an ever changing industry and something that is not always executed properly.

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