Be the better version of you

Our Body Transformation Program does just that – transforms bodies and lives! It is a 4 week intensive, all-inclusive program, that will get you amazing results in a short amount of time.

Our team of the 'best in class' Personal Trainers, Nutritionists to Psychologists identify your needs and take your journey with you each and every single step of the way. We're there when you need support, motivation and most importantly we are interested in helping you build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for the future.

We truly believe that our minds are so powerful that limits only exist in the mind. As long as you're willing to make the first step towards a fitter and healthier you, our supportive network and community will be the backbone in getting you to where you want to be.

Your journey to a Fitter, leaner, stronger body starts here...

Our program Includes:

  • 4 week tailored nutritional program (with all inclusions as set out above)
  • 6 x personal training sessions a week (total of 24 PT sessions)

At the time of signing up and discussing your goals, we will decide the right trainer or trainers that will best be suited to work with you to achieve your goals. The personal trainers and your nutrition coach will work very closely together to make sure your program is all aligned and you are getting everything you need to maximise your results.

— Gail Devers


Note: If you cannot commit to 6 PT sessions a week, we can extend the length of the program by a few weeks so to fit it around your other commitments.


“Starting at a new gym or with a new trainer is always an intimidating task for anyone. Having tried several gyms and trainers in my life I can say without a doubt that UFIT has been the best experience for me. Not only do you feel like you are a part of the family from day one, but Rory and the rest of the team in the gym were able to motivate me and push me to reach my goals. I am now in the greatest shape of my life thanks to their belief, support and encouragement but when I am in the gym and when I am not. Their ability to match trainers based on a client’s requirements is second to none. It is great to see a team of people so genuinely dedicated not only to improve their client’s health, but their client’s lives as well. If anything I owe Rory and UFIT a big thank you. Thank you for a great year. Its been awesome and I am definitely a lifelong client.”
— Sunny Gill
I weighed 109.8 kilos, I was a fat. We signed up for a fairly large block of sessions thinking that would take us through the year and added some weekday sessions with coaches James, Tsvety and John Black. It was important given work commitments that sessions didn’t interrupt our regular days’ schedule, so early mornings were the only way to go. (I was not a morning person). At James’ instruction, I also signed up for nutrition guidance with Wendy Riddell.

I weigh 81 kilos today, I am a heck of a lot fitter, I feel a lot stronger, and my lifestyle has completely changed (turns out I am a morning person after all). 4 things made this work. Having a good friend (fitter, more disciplined and more driven than I will ever be) to train with, and most importantly, have a laugh with at a stupid hour in the morning. Having coaches, James, Tsvety, John Black, Lachlan and Rory (and a few others who have helped out as well), who put up with us, keep us safe, injury free, and keep us interested, all the while staying coordinated, setting goals pushing things forward. I can’t stress enough how good these guys are, I have a very short attention span, ask anyone. That these guys have kept us coming back for the better part of a year, for something this painful is just amazing. Sustainable eating habits, crash diets don’t work for me, ask me how I know. And finally, having people around you who accept your obsessive-compulsive nature and don’t mind 3 alarms going off at 5am (or mind but don’t tell you, whatever).
— Indran Thana